In his ever-lasting pursuit of doing awesome stuff, Timothy Kendall has worked on quite an eclectic mix of projects throughout his career.  He's most known for his entertainment-driven, often surreal and playful style of directing. Yet his grounded and thoughtful approach to each story keeps him current in many genres. His work showcases a combination of big storytelling and smart comedy with a strength in capturing subtle performances in fun situations. A skill that's invaluable when working with celebrities, athletes, and Chinese Mega stars… It also helps that he doesn't know who any of them are.

Normally this is the part of the bio where you’re given an overwhelmingly pretentious list of accolades and awards. Can we just mention that a lot of people appreciate his work? You know... people like Cannes, Clios, ADDY, AICP, etc. ...for big brands like ESPN, Honda, Samsung, Toyota, Geico, Dr. Pepper, Chevy, Microsoft, BMW... Damn I did it.

His background in commercials has proven a gateway to narrative storytelling that has blossomed into TV pilots, episodic television, features films, and some high-profile commercials that make you want to sit down and have popcorn with. 

Kendall's debut feature film Hollywood Adventures released internationally to a $51mil opening weekend box office.  WATCH TRAILER

He recently directed the Action/Adventure/Comedy television pilot Dwight in Shining Armor, which was picked up for two seasons by the BYUtv network. WATCH TRAILER 

Between projects, Timothy has created several series including The Book Club WATCH SIZZLE as well as L.A. ICE WATCH SIZZLE.

Timothy lives in Pasadena, California with his wife, daughter, and son. But no dog and no picket fence. It's not that perfect, okay?

In his free time, Timothy wonders if anyone really reads bios.





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